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Mafex Silage ULV Applicator

Mafex Silage ULV Applicator

The MAFEX Silage fine spray unit is based on ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology, through which the required output volume can be significantly reduced. The low-maintenance peristaltic pump delivers a very accurate dose of silage innoculant at high concentrate, which means a smaller tank will go much further than a large conventional system.  Stationary installations on conveyor systems, for example, are also possible.

How it works

In order to achieve optimal effectiveness of the silage support agent, even distribution is essential. With the amount of turbulence being created at numerous points in the chopper, this is easily achieved by mounting the dripper in the chute or near the knives, for example.
Automatic priming of the system,meaning a check of all functions and the conveyance of liquid up to the flow rate controller prior to the start of silage support agent application, is made possible by a modern control unit. Desired volumes can be set directly on the control unit. During operation, chemical agent flow rate are monitored and an alarm function is triggered in the event of a malfunction.

Due to the small tank size, this can be installed on almost any chopper.  If you have questions about how and where this could be mounted on your system, please contact us.

No. of nozzles 1
Tank capacity 2.5 gallons


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