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Mafex Potato ULV Applicator

Mafex Potato ULV Applicator

Better coverage with less liquid

  • Even coverage due to accurate dosage and even droplet sizes

  • No dust, so much safer for nearby workers

  • No wet potatoes, so an excellent choice for applying a sprout inhibitor on the packing line

  • Simple operation and maintenance

How MAFEX works

The atomizer

The patented spinning disk atomizer cuts up the lquid and makes approximately 30 million droplets from every 1 ml of liquid. The liquid is not pressurized into a nozzle, it drips into the disk which is spinning at a steady speed. Due to the lack of pressure and the design and speed of the disk, the MAFEX creates very small evenly-sized droplets to get excellent coverage all over the tuber or seed piece. For the best coverage, the MAFEX applicator should be mounted above a location where the potatoes are turning.

The pump

The MAFEX Ultra-Low volume uses a peristaltic pump, also known as a squeeze pump or roller pump. There is a piece of tubing inserted between the rollers of the pump, meaning that the liquid does not come into contact with the pump mechanisms at all. Peristaltic pumps offer a number of benefits as they can handle viscous or abrasive fluids while maintaining a very accurate dosage.

The controller

The MAFEX controller allows you to manually adjust the volume of product being applied with the touch of a button. The screen will tell you the volume currently being applied (in either oz. or ml.) as well as the total volume applied. The controller monitors the atomizer(s) and optionally can monitor the flow as well, sending an immediate loud and clear alarm if there are any issues (for example: atomizer not spinning, no liquid in the lines). The entire system can be tied to your table, so that the MAFEX system pumps only when the conveyor is moving.


Talk to your dealer regarding options like tank size, flow sensor, rolling stand, or number of atomizers. Devices are available with different capacities for any table width or potato throughput.

Spray width 30 inches and up
No. of nozzles 1-4
Tank capacity 2.5 gallons and up


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