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MAFEX® Ultra-Low Volume (ULV)
Applicator Systems Main benefits

Water Reduction

MAFEX® Applicators don't use standard pressurized flood nozzles, which has been the standard way to get full coverage. Using industrial spinning disc atomizers ensures even droplet size and excellent coverage, without the need for all that water.

Accurate Metering

MAFEX®'s peristaltic pumps deliver very accurate dosage, which is adjustable and controlled by the computerized controller.


The MAFEX® system comes standard with a relay so that, if you wish, the pumps will stop pumping the second the table stops. This means one less button to remember and no wasted product onto a non-moving belt or table. Secondly, the system is lightweight and supplied with brackets to attach to your table.


The integrated controller allows you to adjust dosage on the fly, and also keeps an accurate log of how much product you have pumped through the system.

Secondly, an integrated alarm is monitoring the atomizers to make sure they are spinning properly. If not, a loud and bright alarm will sound immediately. Also available is an optional flow sensor, so that if there is any disruption in the flow of the product to the atomizer (for example, if the tank is empty) the alarm will sound as well.

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