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The MAFEX® ULV Fine Spray Unit - for application of liquid products

The MAFEX Potato and Fruit fine spray unit is based on ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) technology, through which the required output volume can be reduced significantly thanks to optimal dispersion of active ingredients with uniform size of droplets. It has been used successfully around the world since 1976, in particular for the optimal protection of potato harvest yield with sprout inhibitors and fungicides, as well as for fruits with wax and fungicides.

How MAFEX® works

The complete coverage of the nodular surface is indispensable for fighting pests. Individual active agent particles must cover the surface with the least possible separation gap. In order to achieve an equal distribution, the chemical agent available must be dispersed in a multitude of uniformly sized droplets.

On the MAFEX® unit, this is accomplished by means of centrifugal force using a specially-developed rotation atomizer that generates approx. 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid (approx. 900 million droplets from one ounce). The droplets are uniformly deposited on the surface through the vertical air steam generated by the rotation disc and gravity, as well as by the rotating and falling motion of the potatoes or fruit.

Automatic priming of the system, meaning a check of all functions and the conveyance of liquid to the atomizer(s) prior to the start of application, is made possible by a modern control unit. Desired volumes can be set directly on the control unit. During operation, atomizer function is monitored and an alarm is triggered in the event of a malfunction. A flow sensor is also available as an option, which will let you know the second that liquid is not being delivered to the atomizer for any reason.

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When using any chemicals please follow label instructions and applicable local guidelines.
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